3 Parts to Sell at Your Local Junkyard

When it’s time to consider your old, beat-up car for the scrapyard, it can feel strangely sad. When a vehicle has served you well, turning it over to the scrapyard can feel like the end of its lifecycle. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

When we accept cars into the Go Go junkyard, we always find new uses for their parts. Even if your old car isn’t going to be driving again, it will be doing its part to help other vehicles reach their full potential. With this in mind, selling your car to a junkyard isn’t the end of your car’s lifecycle—it’s just the next step. In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing 3 parts you should sell to your local scrapyard and how to prepare them for sale.

Radiators: A Junkyard Favorite

Radiators are great vehicle parts to sell to a scrapyard. Radiators are needed in scrapyards since they pump coolant through the engine, keeping it from overheating. Additionally, radiators contain large amounts of copper and aluminum, which are valuable as scrap metal. As a result, radiators are critical components for any vehicle and in high demand at junkyards like ours.

How to Prepare Your Radiator for Sale

To prepare your radiator for sale, we recommend a few steps.

Drain All Fluids. Drain all fluids in your radiator, collecting them in a drain pan as the pour out. That way, you don’t harm the environment or create a mess. Trust us: cleaning dirty motor oil off the ground is not a fun process.

Remove Excess Components. Some other components will be attached to your radiator, such as hoses and gaskets. If you plan on recycling the radiator into scrap metal, we advice you remove these extra bits.

Clean it Off. Over the years, your radiator has likely accumulated a fair share of grime. Clean the outside with soapy water and give a thorough rinse to the inside.

Remove the Radiator Fan. The radiator fan is usually made of iron and isn’t as valuable as the other parts. Removing it to be weighed separately will maximize the money you make.

Batteries: Keeping the Environment Safe

While batteries aren’t the most profitable used item to sell, it’s important that they end up in the right place. Your car battery contains a complex cocktail of chemicals that allow it to keep a car running for years at a time. Unfortunately, all of these chemicals are bad for the environment.

We ask that you safely remove your battery and sell it to a junkyard to ensure that none of the chemicals make their way into the air, ground, or water. It’s the right thing to do, and only takes a few minutes.

Wheels and Tires (Especially Aluminum Wheels)

If you’ve ever gotten a tire replaced, then you know that a good tire is worth a surprising amount of cash. And if tires were worth a dime, wheels would be worth a dollar. We recommend separating your rubber tires from your metal wheels. In good enough condition, your tires could be sold as-is and added to another vehicle.

If your wheels are in good condition, the same is true for them. A car without AC can run, but a car without wheels can only slide. Naturally, selling wheels in good condition is almost always worth your time. If you have aluminum wheels, you’re particularly in luck, since aluminum is worth more money, and can also be sold at a high price as scrap metal. For information on how to safely remove the tires from your car, click this link.

Selling your car to a junkyard can feel like a big step, but it’s not the end for your vehicle. With a spit shine and a little bit of ingenuity, your car’s parts might just end up on the road again. For more information about selling your vehicle’s parts, click here to contact us today!